Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Some new expressions

Here are some new expressions to help you draw some and jog your mind...Keep observing..keep drawing!! :)

Monday, July 16, 2012

Power of Expression!! New Classes!

I have been playing with expressions for a long time now and was keen on starting some simple technique classes for others who are keen on learning..Its no big surprise that art and expression are commonly considered synonymous. Comics began as a 'pulp' medium and their primary purpose was to grab the reader's attention with larger than life drama. All comics have characters and all the characters have expressions. You must already know to draw some of the expressions, Happy, Sad or Angry..If you really want to create characters that are realistic and engaging, you have to start looking out for more expressions. Whenever you see an expression you have to think about the 4 things that an expression show:

1)State of Mind: feelings in other language.. It also means thoughts (about what you are feeling)

2) Personality: who your characters is should be evident on your face..

3) Relationships: how two people think about each other or feel..

4) Involuntary Physical States: like for example, pain, sickness, pukishness

Expression are stories, so while creating expression:

* find the reason behind the expression
*expression are always reactions so be specific about what your characters are responding to
*Happy, sad or angry are too general. What is unique about your character's particular emotion i this moment?
*Observe expressions in real life and identify those expression that you don't have name for and then draw them.
*Draw with feeling as without them your drawings would be lifeless.

So now to start with the classes all you guys need is :

1)Paper : a simple plain spiral bound sketchbook would do, which you can easily scan and send it over for revisions or comments from my side.

2)Pencils: soft lead pencils (HB or B), col-erase pencils in blue or red for blocking your roughs

3)Mirror : lol...you must be wondering what does that need to do with expression creating..It will provide you with all the reference you would need.

4) a gud pencil sharpner and a nice quality rubber is a must..

Lets start with a few expression and a small task for this week:

Take any simple character of your choice (it can be our favourite mickey too) and create five different expression of the character which we haven't talked about yet. (Apart from Happy, Sad or angry). Simple sketches would do. Just don't copy.. Create them while observing others or yourself in mirror.
Once you have created send them over via mail to mukherjee.aiswarya@gmail.com and I would look into them personally with comments and revisions from my side.

Hopefully you come up with many more expressions.
Just keep in mind that you have to send them over by this Thursday and the best one will be uploaded here on my blog with your name along with my sketches for the week.

Any queries, feel free to contact me here in the comments section or via the mail.

Keep drawing..Keep smiling! :)